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Client News: YANLI shines a light on Hidden Abuse offering a Pathway To Healing.

The latest in our client's happenings online.

You Are Not Losing It (YANLI) dedicated to spreading domestic violence awareness by shining light on hidden abuse, equipping by educating and empowering individuals in toxic, abusive romantic relationships, was recently featured is featured on the My Kenyan Link website - Atlanta's most viewed website for Kenyan News.

Rannd Consultants worked with the client to understand their desire to build a website showcasing their brand and introducing themselves and their purpose to the world. In addition, they desired to have a welcoming and calming website where individuals who have suffered 'Hidden Abuse' can easily find resources to help them.

The client had a clear vision of what they wanted the website to look like and already had its business foundations in place with content and social media sites up and running, making it easy to build and design the website quickly. It was important for the client to link all the resources they were currently offering on their Facebook and YouTube platforms to give their brand continuity and continue building their followers online. The client's greatest concern was ensuring that their message was not lost on the website, was clear and easily understood, and was secure, offering immediate assistance to its visitors.

Through our marketing efforts, this successful partnership helped the client know how to use and update the site by adding new content to the website to their liking.

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At YANLI, they strive to create awareness by shining a light on hidden abuse in a romantic relationship setting; equip by educating and empowering individuals who find themselves in toxic, abusive romantic relationships. Recovery from domestic abuse starts with helping you UNDERSTAND what happened to you, providing tools, resources, and tips to help you to silence the inner critic and let go of the hurt to help you HEAL. We provide support and guidance to set goals, adopt healthy daily habits & activities to enable you to FLOURISH.

YANLI offers a Pathway To Healing: Starting your journey to healing from domestic abuse trauma and codependency; the journey to let go of the hurt, get inner healing, silence the inner critic to boost self-esteem, and build healthy relationships.

To book your initial free 30-minute consultation and start your Pathway To Healing, connect with YANLI at:

Find Us on Social Media at: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


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