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Hot Client News: Lexron Photography Offering Mother's & Father's Day Promotions.

The latest in our client's happenings online.

Lexron Photography is a DMV-based professional photography company committed to helping individuals and families capture their life's moments as a beautiful way of documenting legacy. Lexron Photography is featured in the recent posting on My Kenyan Link's Website - Atlanta's most viewed website for Kenyan News.

Photographing your life moments is a beautiful way of documenting your legacy. To be able to hand down timeless pieces from generation to generation is a gift in itself. We aim to tell your story through the lenses of time.

Rannd Consultants has worked with the client to build their website three years ago and maintains it up-to-date. We also set up the client's Facebook and Instagram pages, their primary means of booking clients and showcasing their work while building their website. Their social media platforms act as a gateway to reaching clientele that would not otherwise be an option for the client. Lexron Photography's website and social media have built an online presence unlike what the client imagined.

Through our marketing efforts, this successful partnership has ensured that the client, Lexron Photography, has taken an active role in mastering social media strategies and posting with a clear vision of where they want their brand to go.

Over the years, we have watched the brand grow from a seed of an idea to booking high-level clientele and events, growing their business into a respected and sought-after brand. We continue to link and provide resources for the client to build their followers online.

Click here if you would like to reach Lexron Photography.

Based in the DMV Area but available for travel nationally, Lexron Photography seeks to capture the essence of humanity in each of our client's precious life moments. Our goal is to give you memories that you will love and appreciate. We do this by creating warm, professional, and dynamic photography sessions full of passion and professionalism.

We value individuality and understand that each client's photographic style will differ, making us passionate about getting to know you individually. We strive to protect our client's proprietary information and respect all our subjects' privacy and property rights.

Preparing for a photo session can be taxing and nerve-wracking but fear not, Lexron Photography is here to answer any questions you may have in preparation for your upcoming session.

To book your initial free 30-minute minute consultation and start your journey to documenting your life’s experiences, connect with Lexron Photography at:

Find Us on Social Media at: Facebook | Instagram


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