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Rannd Consultants Founder Receives Atlanta Mashujaa Award.

Digital Marketing Firm Founder Wins Community Service Excellence Award.

This past Friday, Rannd Consultants Founder Diana Korir received the 2022 Atlanta Mashujaa Community Service award at the annual Atlanta Mashujaa Day Gala presented by ABN Worldwide.

This award is presented to individuals to recognize their dedicated service and leadership to the community.

Grateful to accept the award, Diana ended her acceptance speech by saying, “I have found out that one consistent quality in every person you deem a hero, is an ability to maintain hope that there's a brighter tomorrow, that the sun will rise again, and that tomorrow we will do better.”

“I am honored to receive this award and look forward to our continued partnerships within our community as we build a stronger, healthier community that will nurture the Shujaas of tomorrow,” she added.


The Gala, held in commemoration of Mashujaa Day, a Kenyan holiday, is usually recognized on October 20th every year. This day is set aside to honor Kenyan Greats known as Mashujaa, a Swahili word meaning "Heroes."

The theme for this year’s Gala - Youth Mental Health - pushes the needle forward on an important topic affecting our community, specifically the youth. The Keynote speaker, Dr. Richard La Fleur, addressed mental health matters by titling his talk “The Fight For Our Youth.” Speaking from a spiritual and psychological aspect, often quoting Christian scriptures, Dr. La Fleur spoke about raising kids in a different culture. “We need as parents to model a space for our children where they feel important, where they can depend on us and where they feel significant, having a place of safety and trust in relationships.

Bringing Kenyans together from all over the Southeast United States, attendees enjoyed Kenyan delicacies, merchandise various vendors, a red carpet photo entrance from Tausi Pix, and, for those unable to attend, a Live Stream provided by New Dawn AV Productions. But of course, the night could not be complete without attendees gracing the dance floor with sounds from DJ Jami.

Congratulations to all recipients of these well-deserved awards:

Diana Korir - Community Service Excellence Award

Fannuel Mugendi Murianki & Suzy Muhuri-Mugendi - Youth Mentorship Award

Steve Kibare - Sports Excellence Award

Dave Githutu - Youth Sports Excellence Award

Dr. Naomi Kanyari - Medical Services Excellence Award

SSgt. Martin Makokha Marluma - Military Service and Bravery Award

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